Container Dri® II Container desiccant

Clariant’s Container Dri® portfolio offers a broad line of container desiccants that offer versatile protection against damaging humidity and moisture during intermodal transport. Available in bags, poles and strips, these industry-leading products absorb up to three times their weight in moisture, and trap it as a thick gel that will not spill or drip.

This system is highly effective in preventing the conditions that may cause mildew, warpage, corrosion, caking and other damage to agricultural products, bulk foods, powders, wood products, glass, furniture, automobile parts, leather goods, beans such as cocoa bean, and coffee bean, machinery and metal components. Container Dri II cargo desiccants can help manufacturers, shippers, distributors and other stakeholders protect brand equity, maintain their reputation for quality and safeguard revenues.

Container Dri II Desiccants
Preventing “Container Rain”

90% OF THE WORLD TRADE IS DONE BY a sea container, rail car, or cargo truck. These shipping methods develop harmful micro-climates that cause condensation which then forms into “container rain”, exposing the cargo to moisture damage

Container Dri®II – Available configurations

Container Dri® II is available in several configurations to best accommodate different modes and methods of shipping.

The number may vary depending on shipping conditions and the nature of the products being protected.
Clariant works with customers to determine the optimal number of bags needed to protect goods for the duration of their journey.
It is easy to use and safe to dispose.

Individual bags of Container Dri II Desiccant
Container Dri® II – Individual Bags

Container Dri® II individual bags – either with or without adhesive backing.

Container Dri IIAdhesive strips
Container Dri® II – Adhesive strips

Container Dri® II Strip – adhesive strips for installation onto the walls of shipping containers.

Container Dri® II Pole
Container Dri® II – POLE

Container Dri® II Pole – configured in a hard shell for easy hanging inside shipping containers.

Hard shell Container Dri® II Packs
Container Dri® II – Pack

Container Dri® II Pack – configured in a hard shell to be hung and suspended high in a container.

Container Dri® II - Plus
Container Dri® II – Plus

Container Dri® II Plus – configured with a hook and strap (carabineer) to be hung and suspended high in a container.

Container Dri® II - Blanket
Container Dri® II – Blanket

Container Dri® II Blanket (adhesive) – configured as a “blanket” to lay on top of

Container Dri® II Container Desiccant Explained

How to protect shipments from Moisture Damage



About Container dri® II

Absorbs up to 3 times its weight in water

Container dri® II Absorbs up to three times, or more, of its weight in moisture from the air inside the Container during transport and traps the moisture as a thick, no-spill gel.

A unique feature of Container Dri II desiccants is dew point control. Dew point is the temperature at which condensation starts to form on surfaces, such as container walls and roofs. By aggressively removing moisture from ambient air, Container Dri II products lower the dew point to prevent “container rain”, “container sweat”, or also known as “cargo sweat”, from damaging goods in transit.

The EcoTain® Label

Our Approach To Sustainability



EcoTain® is our flagship label for sustainability excellence
products and solutions. It highlights solutions offering outstanding sustainability advantages and add value to customers and the society as a whole.

Each product and solution carrying the EcoTain® label has undergone a systematic, in-depth screening process using 36 criteria in all three sustainability dimensions: social, environmental and economic, reflecting the whole life cycle

Its ambitious benchmark distinguishes products that significantly exceed market standards in general, have best-in-class performance in one or several criteria, and make overall sustainability contributions

EcoTain® products support actively the sustainability efforts of our customers, without compromising on performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best performance in the market
  • Preventing condensation
  • Preventing cargo sweat
  • Protecting shipments from start to finish
  • Safe for direct use with food products
  • Recommended by the World Food Programme (WFP) & the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Container Loading Specification
  • Dimeythyl Fumarate Free (DMF) – Non-Toxic
  • Safe & easy to handle
  • Dispose with normal industrial waste
  • Cost-effective
  • Meets New FCC Guideline Recommendation for Shipment of Cocoa Beans in Containers
  • Clariant EcoTain®distinction
  • Variety of applications: canned goods, automotive parts, powders, glass, wood, machinery, furniture, agricultural products such as coffee beans, cocoa beans, and corn meal
  • Available in several configurations for a wide variety of applications & positions
  • Can be suspended on container walls with carbine, hook, adhesive strips, or “blanket” configuration
The Container Dri II line of container desiccants are particularly valuable when:

  • there is a large volume of air requiring moisture removal
  • high levels of humidity are present due to climate, cargo or storage conditions
  • the container admits exterior air and humidity
Container Dri II has already enjoyed success protecting cocoa bean shipments from moisture damage by providing the highest moisture absorption of any calcium chloride–based product, easily addressing the 65 percent or higher loading of calcium chloride recommended in the Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd. (FCC) guidelines for shipment of cocoa beans in containers. Read the full release here: Clariant Container Dri® II Desiccants Meet New FCC Guidelines for Cocoa Bean Shipments
Clariant’s EcoTain® label is awarded to products that are identified as best-in-class for sustainability and performance excellence to customers. Products are screened against 36 criteria across three dimensions: social, environment, and economic. Container Dri II delivered a positive benefit in all three, making Container Dri II the only cargo desiccant to carry an eco-label claim.