Cargo & Device Protection

ECP offers a range of Active Packaging solutions.
The leading Container desiccant brand Container Dri for prevention of moisture damage to cargo.
Oxygen scavenger solutions Oxy-Guard absorbing sachets to extend the shelf life of food products without the use of chemical preservatives. Ethylene absorbers for delaying post-harvest ripening in fruit. CO2 generating soaker pads for meat/fish maximising presentation and shelf life.
VCI volatile corrosion inhibitors for prevention of rusting in metal products, available in a number of forms including ziplock bags, stretch films, metal wrap, liquids, powders and emitters.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator and Heat Tunnels

We offer Axon Aurora Shrink Sleeve Applicators to tamper-proof bottle packaging.

Brand Names

Humitector® Humidity Indicators, Oxy-Guard™ oxygen absorbers, Axon Aurora shrink sleeve applicators, Desi Pak® moisture absorbents, Container Dri® II cargo desiccant, Sorb-It® silica gel desiccant sachets.

ecp_arrow Container Dri ® ll

Prevents cargo loss
due to moisture damage.

ecp_arrow  Cargo & Device Protection

Active and intelligent solutions to prevent the harmful effects of moisture and oxidation.